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Rhode Island was once home to the largest outboard powered fishing fleet in the world – over 2,000 boats and quahoggers (or clammers). In the early 1980’s Rhode Island experienced a mass migration of clammers from neighboring states to reap the unbelievable bounty that Narragansett Bay was yielding from the newly opened upper regions. During the 1980’s it was not uncommon to see 1,200 boats out on the bay.

Now, on a good day there might be 50 – 60 boats out, and the fleet might total several hundred. The remaining fishermen are fighting to hold on to what is left of one of the last inshore commercial fisheries – quahogging.

The market for wild little necks and quahogs has been depressed for the last 10 years by production from subsidized clam farms. People are realizing farm raised seafood is vastly inferior to wild seafood. Bullraker.com works to bring this awareness to the market, or soon the Rhode Island Quahogger will go the way of the southern Bubba Gump shrimpers, and the west coast salmon fishermen, and the New England ground fishermen.

Support your local commercial fishermen! They support the community by providing healthy food.  Please check out the Free and Common website for more information about sustainable fisheries and marine resources.



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